DREAM PEACE: When God Speaks!

God communicates through languages of love, with dreams being one of those languages. All throughout the Scriptures, evidence is clear that the Lord speaks, appears, encourages, comforts, warns, directs, calms, instructs and more all through the tongue of Divinely inspired dreams. Interestingly, dreams act like road maps; charts, if you will. We receive from God, the gifts of knowledge, skill, wisdom and understanding in all learning, visions and dreams, according to the Scriptures (Dan. 1:17). By receiving these from the Lord, we can be confident when charting, or deciphering dreams, that our accuracy comes from the Lord, and the message is not our own vain attempt to interpret. These gifts from God are the necessary tools used in distinguishing dreams that are intended to be meaningful and helpful, and those that simply are not. With all the counterfeits to Dream Interpretation on the market today through New Age, Cults, Witchcraft, & other Spiritualism's it is increasingly evident that the Body of Christ is bombarded with half-truths or completely false information on "how to" interpret this supernatural, spiritual phenomenon. Our need to know, combined with our sheer fascination with the spirit world has served as an opportunity for the undisciplined or impatient to gain "quick fix" information, be it watered down. For those of us who truly know Dream Interpretation is not a "craft", but rather a gift from God, we need Scriptural backing and accuracy, and are more than willing to wait upon the Lord for it. This book will help you in your journey, as well as others in obtaining help and comfort. Accurately interpreted, dreams serve as an aid to healing in pastoral counseling and personal ministry. Not all dreams are from God. Scripturally, "...a dream comes through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by the multitude of words" (Eccl. 5:3). A fool's voice is equaled to an idle dream interpretation. Acknowledging this will ensure a more balanced and healthy approach to our interpretation of dreams.

Water Me, Lord!

His Words are Life!, and they carry you through trying and difficult times. Water Me, Lord! is a collection of personal prayers, journal entries and articles over the years that have provided inspiration and encouragement to many. The author shares insight to the heart of prayer and worshipful devotion in her walk with the Lord through her many personal triumphs, tests and near tragedies. Journey to the place where the waters run deep! Waters to swim in! Refreshing that can only come from the Father, as He covers His child. Peace in the midst of the storm. Water Me, Lord will take you there!

INCEST: The Curse of Destruction...Reversed!

An Overcomer's Testimony! Don't be fooled by the Title; this book covers years of bondages that stemmed from the root of this destructive act, in the life of the author. The author reveals years of struggle through domestic violence, witchcraft, prostitution and multiple abortions, as well as severe drug addiction and mental and emotional breakdown. This book is written for individuals who have experienced the tearing away of one's innocence through incest; and for those whose loved ones have experienced this trauma, and need a clearer, greater understanding of the depth of this pain, and the One Way to absolute liberty. Taken from the author's personal experience as a victim of incest whose whole life pattern was one of destruction and defeat. Her triumph over severe addiction, abuse, anguish and torment have paved the way for many to find inner healing from the shadows of their past. Sandra Cerda's story has been highlighted by Daystar Network, TBN and CBN over the years.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: The Fight, The Freedom, The Fire

How to recognize destructive patterns, and their root origins. How and when to engage in spiritual warfare, and the effective forms of engagement. How to teach our children, and why these things occur through the generations. These topics and much more are shared in the pages of this manual. We need to learn the dangers of ungodly soul ties, how they are formed, how to undo them and live free from their return. There is a whole world, a kingdom of darkness, ruled by a defeated enemy who keeps our loved ones bound, through ignorance, and deception. That kingdom is waiting to be overthrown in the war of spirits. The hold of the devil will break, as you increase in the knowledge of God, and of all that is supplied for us through His Word; in utilizing it to free our families. I stood at the gate of death 25 years ago, and all I had were these keys; these truths about God's provision. I am healed and delivered today, because I used the keys. Topics in this Warfare Manual Include: Binding Familiar Spirits, Loosing Ungodly Soul Ties, Strongholds of Mindsets, 7 Signs of Demon Presence, Characteristics of Strongholds, and much more!

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