the storehouse



      With the sole purpose of adding to the much needed Resources of Good, Fresh, Quality and Most of All Healthy Food! As we partner with Local, Regional, State and National resources to bring Awareness and Provision to local residents in need, we ask:

you help us FIGHT HUNGER, which is all around us?

 Connect with us Online,and make this part of your Monthly Mercy Gift.  Inform friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members that they can help, too!

For Details and for More Information on how you can Contribute follow our Donate Links here, and email us at



 It’s as easy as handing out those RE-USABLE Grocery & Store bags, to 10 friends.  Ask them to fill them with extra's from their own pantries;  (2 each), and bring them back to you.  You bring it in, or Contact us and we’ll Arrange Pick-Up! 

 Bring or Arrange for Pick-Up.  Your pantry and excess, Non-Perishables are needed! Toiletry & Hygiene Items! PLEASE Keep the Children in Mind for After School and Summer Nutrition. 
Powdered Milk is always a Plus!


     Your Generous Donations of Maternity, and Baby Items have prompted our efforts and ability to START UP our BABY CLOSET and CAREER CLOSET through this Pantry. These were two very Important & Successful Ministries that thrived and helped many, during our Houston ministry years.  
Thank you for your continued support. 

     Recent Donations Have also provided for area fire victims families, and Been Distributed to Young Couples and Single Moms in our Area.  Furnishings and Other Home Items continue to be collected.

     Everyone Can Do Something!
Get In Touch With Us, and Combined  our Efforts and Effectiveness, will further serve this local missions work.

Local Missions
Labor of Love and Awareness.  

 You'd be amazed to learn how many people in our immediate surroundings are going hungry or just a need a Little-Extra Help!  Even with the Resources they are already able 

to tap in to, there's still much need. 


      If you are in need of Emergency Food, Supplementation or for Other Food Pantry Information,  Contact us.

New Life Ministries


To Receive Assistance or Donate to help area families, please call.  Regular Pantry Day Distribution is suspended until relocation to our new facility.   Thank you.

 We won't turn anyone away, who asks for food.
Often, those needs are met out of pocket due to a lack of donated food.
Your continual support is both needed and appreciated.  Thank you.