New Life Pupblishing made it's debut with the publishing of (Spanish Version of Incest book), INCESTO: La Maldicion de Destruccion... Revertida,  DREAM CHARTS: Understanding God's Voice in the Night, and Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance & Holiness: the fight, the freedom & the fire.

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                                                                            NEW RELEASES:

           DREAM CHARTS: Understanding God's Voice in the Night, By Al & Sandra Cerda       Topics Covered Include:  Dreaming Our Deceased Loved Ones, Interpretation & Revelation, Timing is Everything, The Importance of Journaling, Dream Sheets (Reproducible), Counterfeits to Daniel 7, Dream Journal, & More.    Suggested Donation: $20 -   Binder/Journal Format                                                                                                                          

      "INCEST: The Curse of Destruction...REVERSED", by Sandra Cerda  

 Topics Covered Include: The Dead Shall Hear His Voice, The Violent Take it by Force, Drawing Near to God & more.  Includes Effects on the Victim by Tamara Johnson-Macleod, Certfied Christian Counselor, Summary of Comon Short and Long-term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse/Assault. 

Suggested Donation: $10 - Paperback / 94 pgs  Also available in Spanish.   




                                                             Other Titles Include:

                             NEWEST RELEASE:       Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance & Holiness:  Vol. 1

    The Fight, The Freedom & The Fire(suggested donation: $20  Paperback/)                                            

      The latest attack of satan against the church is to remove Scripturally Sound information from America's pulpits.  By "removing the ancient landmarks" that our Spiritual Fathers in the faith, have laid for us, today's modern church is guilty of being stagnant, ineffective, exhausted & fatigued; reasoning, confused & mental.   Ancient landmarks of solid teaching's on the shed Blood of Jesus Christ, the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the (Acts 2) evidence of Speaking in other Tongues, the Cross and Christ Crucified (except Easter / Resurrection season), Authority over demons, Deliverance, and more have been deliberately omitted from sermons & pulpits across America.  ... with their pre-salvation life experience in the occult & witchcraft, pastors Al & Sandra Cerda expose the stealthy maneuvers of the demonic and how it has crept in behind the pulpit. 

 Topics covered include:  Carnal Christians, Satan's Strongest Weapon, Secret Sin, Can a Christian become demon Possessed?, and much more.



                                                                                  (suggested donation $5)


                                                   Destroying Generational Curses

                                                               Valley of Dry Bones


                                                                      Tug of War

                                                  Your Dream is not Dead... It's Asleep!


Books:  (e-books coming soon)


War of the Spirits   (Available Fall 2011)

Waters From His Well... (Women's Devotional)   -   (Available Fall 2011)

Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance & Holiness: the fight, the freedom & the fire.  (espanol)

INCEST: The Curse of Destruction...Reversed (english)  AVAILABLE AT   WWW.AMAZON.COM

INCESTO: La Maldicion de Destruccion... Revertida (espanol)

DREAM CHARTS: Understanding God's Voice in the Night   (espanol)