The Freedom Seminar is a support ministry to the Body of Christ.  Most Ministers and Church leaders would love to see their members walking in love and holiness. But we see Christians torn between serving the Lord and been enslaved by habitual sin, Rom 6:16.

For a period of twelve weeks, the FREEDOM SEMINAR, to reveal  what Jesus Christ did to set us free from habitual sin, and the COURSEto teach and practice what it takes to maintain that freedom, is ingrained INTO the believers LIFESTYLE. This produces a wholesome congregation ready to serve the Lord, and a people ready to meet their Lord without spots,wrinkles or blemishes.

At the end of each seminar, Churches and groups are encouraged and  supported to set-up their own freedom group or unit, with those who participated in the course, like Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy (2 Tim 2:2). This also serves as an evangelical tool in outreach through the Church or group, to the unsaved in their community.

 This is a last days synergy between Victory through Christ ministries and New Life Ministries of Houston. Join us as we bring in this ready harvest.

Read Pastor Adele's amazing testimony of deliverance at: