Soupy Daze! ~ If you're anything like me, in a house full of ill-ing people with allergies, sinuses, aches, and ughs I run for the Soup Pot. There's nothing like a hearty pot of soup with veggies, pastas, herbs and seasonings that just soothe the chest and warm the bones.

All I had was half a bag of frozen mixed veggies, one can of mixed veggies, whole tomato, herb packs, seasoning packs and 3 filets of Tilapia left over from a Fish Fry. Mix that with a heartful of faith, and some creative prayerfulness and INSTANT HAPPY FACES! Talk about a Happy Meal ~

Sometimes there are times that are just a little bit more trying than others. Nothing to fret about! There's absolutely nothing an armed-woman-of-God cannot accomplish for her family, in the kitchen! that includes, whipping up some great belly-filling meals, on a string!



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