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 I will never forget the day, the moment and the place where I first received my physical healing.  I had been given six months to live.  Had run out of doctors, with a final referral to the University of Texas Health Science Center.  But, GOD HAD A PLAN!

I had been tested for every known blood disease; nearly 100% of my body and scalp were covered, infected and "on fire with pain."  I could not bare any light, or touch to any part of my body.  Morning after morning, I would awaken stuck to pillowcases and sheets... I could not shower, for the pain.  I was completely raw, for thirty months.

      I ended up at a church that believed in the MIRACLE WORKING POWER OF GOD, and the unbreakable promises found in the Scriptures, concerning health and healing.  I had always gone to church, but was never taught about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as personal Savior & Lord.  This was different.

      After suffering for 30 months, In less than four weeks I was completely and supernaturally, overwhelmingly healed and restored, and have remained so to this day.  It has been 27 years, as this was during my pregnancy with my youngest son.  He was six months old when I received my healing miracle!

 I share about this in my book,
...the curse reversed". 
     God and His Word REMAIN unchanged!  What God has done for me, for my family, He is well-able and more-than-willing to do for you!  That's Good-News! Tap into the Healing  Power of God today!                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Sandra